The Shadow of the Old Patriarchy is Being Revealed

What is going on right now in our country has to do with the evolution of a collective consciousness. Anytime a new aspect of the collective consciousness shows up, its counter-consciousness also becomes apparent.  From a more individual perspective we can see this anytime a woman starts standing up to an abusive man. In those cases, the man becomes angrier, more hostile, more deliberately emotionally and/or physically abusive. Anytime a woman begins to speak from her own voice, what is revealed is all the hidden demons which have previously kept her silent.

Right now a woman is running for President, which opens us to the possibility of recognizing the strength and wisdom of the feminine consciousness in the West. But the patriarchic voice of old is screaming it’s “NO’s”. NO, you must carry your unwanted fetus to term. NO, you must not have a voice. NO, you are weak and inept and I should have power over you. NO, you are too emotional, i.e, crazy. NO, your body does not belong to you–it is mine to objectify as I wish.

So, Saturday we saw some of those voices of the patriarchy in the admitted history of sexual assaults by Donald Trump. Sunday, he gathered together women who had been abused to rescue himself from the reputation of being an abuser–a double-bind of monumental proportion for those women. That’s like taking an abused child and making him lie to protect his abuser. This, make no mistake, is the voice of the ancient patriarchy talking through Donald Trump. Women are to be kept in their place–and their place is where ever a man wants it to be. But this voice of the patriarchy must rise to the surface so that we may all hear it loud and clear.

It’s always been there. Since the beginning of time, women all over the world have been secretly pinched, groped, hit, felt-up, etc. And we have colluded with our abusers by being largely silent. For example, it took years to reveal the abuses allegedly perpetuated by Bill Cosby, to bring them forth into our consciousness. And now we see that a candidate for President may not only sexually assault and get away with it, but he may get women who have been sexually assaulted to come to his defense.

The white male majority has ruled America for the entirety of it’s history.  The white male majority does not want people of color or women to have any power.  Since Obama took the Oval Office, the white male majority, found in the patriarchal thinking centuries old, has been trying to undo him–with whatever it took, including outright lies.  But he has remained unperturbed, and as efficient as a Republican Congress would allow.

Now a woman is running for office and the white male patriarchic consciousness is screaming its hostility for us all to see.  Many still do not see it.  They are blinded by the fear-mongering and manipulations, the emotional abuse of the masculinized consciousness of America.  They are still unconsciously stuck in the mindset of collusion. 

But this is the time, now, for the feminine consciousness to awaken. Having a female lead us into a new time of feminine consciousness will help us to do that. But in order for that to happen, the disgusting, perverted version of the female held in the dirty minds of the patriarchy must also be revealed. And here it is, ladies and gentlemen. Here it is.

What this can do is make us all the more determined to awaken. We must not allow the loudness of this hostile voice to hold us back, keep us in the same old bowed position of slave to the masculine consciousness of objectification. Listen, instead, to the feminine consciousness that says YOU MATTER, YOU ARE REAL, YOU ARE CAPABLE AND WISE!   Do not let this man, who simply represents all of the shadow material of the patriarchal consciousness, keep you from growing into your highest, most empowered Self.

See this dark side of American consciousness. Look at it. Look closely at it so that you can recognize it every time it rears its ugly head. Then walk away empowered. And stand with her.