Security is my moon,

a lion’s face

swimming in black sea,

a woman’s hair

in shiny barrettes.

Security is where

I tie myself

in here–

out there

in here,

where a lion prowls at night

on global feet

in silence,

stirring the grazing, the lumbering

            into the light,

   a ram,

a bear,

a bull,

            a lion


for the moon.


In the Western world, we’ve been taught to fear our emotions along with everything else in the inner world. They should be kept at bay in the name of the rational. But that stance assumes that the rational knows what it is doing. Further, like the moon rules the tide, there is an invisible but very viable force that wants us. Instinctive and raw, it wants only the pure essence of itself in us, as us.

© Andrea Mathews, 2014

2014-09-08 22.08.52

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