To be or not


she donned her face

and skirted out the door,

wind blowing her allegiances,

hope pivoting her genius

on the heels of a dime.


 Innocence, naiveté asks

what dank imperialism

drives someone to say

to do—

 how dare they—

how can they?


But they do dare,

they do.

And what can you do?


Red faced and scarred

she set face to the wind

stormed through the barriers

of submission



to be.


The learning curve of maturity has something to do with waking up from naiveté.  We like the idea of holding on to innocence but it amounts to naiveté.  People do what they do because they think they must in order to survive.  Not consciously, but nevertheless….  What’s left to do is to decide to fight them, join them, or forget about them and just be.  Both fighting them and joining them (and most of us do an interesting mix of both) are just other forms of submission–they still appear to us to be bigger, more powerful than we.  Deciding to be, however, holds within the palm of its hand every hope there is of joy, peace and living fully alive.  

© Andrea Mathews, 2014





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