Sailing On

from the crow's nest

It’s blood to the bone,

said the eyes of the sailor

to his captain,

nothing left but blood

and bone,

and they sailed on.


It’s an iceberg,

or another crow’s nest,

said the captain to his mate,

and they sailed on.


It’s Armageddon

and Nagasaki,

said the only woman on board

to the only man she loved,

and the fall out

is sky to the wings

of the boneless.


          He told her not to come,

                      bad luck and all that,

                 he told her that

            and how to kill the whale,

     and they sailed on.


The ship has no port,

the engineer to the cook,

and no hunger is enough—

they sailed on.


God, from the crow’s nest,

watches the horizon

like hope,

and they sail on.


This journey of life here on planet earth can be devastating.  We all know this. So, when we look into the future, we see all the bleak and desperate possibilities waiting for us out there.  We are certain they are coming, we are looking for them on the horizon of every day.  And yet, somehow the earth keeps revolving on its axis, people still fall in love, and give compassion and empathy;  people still have children and children still delight us and give us hope.  Whatever scant supplies of joy we gather along the way, however, we tend to credit to happenstance, good luck or fate, while we wait for the devastation that is definitely coming–and all the while we are sailing on, and on, and on….

© Andrea Mathews, 2014

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