Who’s Crazy?!




I saw her dancing

in the rubber room,

saw her legs white with

sweat, draining light.

She danced until she spent it all

then lay like a scarf

on the floor,

dripping her dreams

on hard night.

Carving the little wind like a candle.

This room is hers.


I wonder what would have happened to Robin Williams had we all been made privy to his private misery.  What would we have made of him? How would we have mocked him?  How would other comedians have worked Robin into their own routines?  Would he have been allowed to create his beautiful career of poignant and powerful dramatic and comedic roles? We are merciless when it comes to judging the mentally ill, so much so that we will do just about anything to keep from being so judged.  We will not tell our sacred secrets for fear people will think we are “crazy.” We will go out of our way to avoid expressing an emotion others might find too intense–we don’t want to be thought odd.  We give ourselves no right to be different, for difference is awarded with alienation, instead of its rightful appreciation.  So, when a person does finally end up on a psych ward, we must at last afford them their “patient rights.”


© 2014 Andrea Mathews

2 thoughts on “Who’s Crazy?!

  1. Great work. We’re doing better with stigma: I work at McLean Hospital, all psych, and these days neighbors walk their dogs here, spend big bucks to live next door. Imagine that? Still, a long, long way from good enough. Work like yours helps. Slow progress is progress, nevertheless. Thanks.


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