The Question

The Task



you can’t be whimsical

about these things,

but too much caution is

a thing, a wall.


The simplicity of biology,

urging itself into its own nature

cracks like ice in the night,

who knows why.


There’s not a single way,

a rightness,

there’s just the pull

as she comes from beneath

the brine and blows her

scattered sensations

into your face;


like catching a fish

in your bare hands because

she was swimming by—


The task is to learn to float

while treading water.


The question–and I’ve spend a lot of time thinking about this one–the question is, do we let go enough to let it work through us, even as us, or do we hold on and do it all ourselves, knowing that to do it all is to do all that we came here to do?  And you know what it is, right?  It is whatever you call the divine, the life force, the gods, the God, the spirit, the sense of life, the essential core of energetic self, the Chi, the wind, Ruach, the Source…whatever it is that is the essential center of Life–with a capital L.  So, back to the question.  Do we back off to allow it to do the living through us, as us; or do we do it all ourselves?

The question belies its answer–which, of course, like every paradox is–both. If I am I AM then doing it all myself is the same as allowing it to do it.  The only problem then is whether or not we know this.  If I think that doing it all myself means straining at gnats, then I forget that the ultimate beingness is effortless effort.   I forget to be still to know that I AM God.

© 2014 Andrea Mathews


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