Clear as a rose chisels itself

into a background

of water color haze on apple trees,

as sure as death begins

and birth ends

the order of things;

Breaking open.

Breaking open.

I feel it like my own voice;

see it like a dream fragment,

touch it like time for nothing

between purposes.


Still, I’m not quite

sure if believing in me

will make me

more real

or make me go away.

So, I linger in the haze behind the rose

catching glimmers

of a trail on the night.


The monsters chase us right out of our bodies. We live somewhere in the ethers above our heads. We do not fully participate in anything: not any emotion, not any experience, not anything. There is a gauze between us and all of experience.  The gauze intends to heal, but it only prohibits.  We float like the string of a balloon, never flying, never free, only hanging somewhere between.

There is life after out-of-body though. There is a way to get behind our own eyes and see for ourselves. There is a way to enter the heart of life and live there unafraid.

Peace calls.  The answer is peace.

© 2014 Andrea Mathews

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