by Tracy Love Lee

   by Tracy Love Lee




Naked as the black

and shifting sea

spilt over the edges,


moon comes elbowing

into the room

taking over slices

of hardwood,

pieces of soul.

She’d left herself out there

where there is only

the power of pull.

Now there is this

sliver of grace,

the edges of color

dancing retinal shimmers

inside open eyes,

and fear

that is also hope.


Whatever little lights shimmer in the black behind closed eyes, can be found again with eyes open. We are driven to find them.  We don’t even know how fiercely we are looking for them, yet we are compelled to find, touch and hold them.  They pull us like undertow out to the depths of our shadows, where we will find strange and unusual yearnings swimming around us like sharks.  At times like these, we must not bleed. We must breathe deep and slow and move to the rhythms of the pressing waves resonant with the pulsing blood within us. Change is coming.

The changes that come when we follow our own internal lights are those that direct us to our own morning stars. We learn to fly this way–to transcend ordinary thinking and believing to find our own original thoughts, emotions and beliefs. This is not easy, but it brings us to a deeper, higher, more powerful essential beingness.

When that happens, life is no longer about the external circumstances of our lives…but about the presence of our own essence.

So if you are seeing the little lights in the darkness of your own blindness…have hope, change is coming.


© 2014 Andrea Mathews


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